A Review of the Product 1-Androsterone RD

by Peter Franks

About 1-Androsterone RD

1-Androsterone RD is basically a muscle-growth supplement that claims to help one improve his muscle mass at an accelerated pace. Still, regular training at the gym is still necessary in order to get maximized results. Hence, the use of 1-Androsterone RD must be done alongside regular workout regimen. What the product can do is make the most of your physical efforts and the results.

What Are the Components Involved?

preview-full-shutterstock_532444855Essentially, this supplement is composed of three primary components, though there’s only one that is effective in growing muscles, and this component is a form of DHEA.

DHEA is a substance that’s naturally produced in the body. It serves as a precursor to male and female sex hormones. The concept involved here is that with DHEA supplementation, your body’s mechanism to generate more testosterone and androgen increases. With boosted testosterone level, it is much easier to develop, construct, and sustain muscles.

The rest of the components in the product are a Rapid Dissolve Agent and an Effervescent Absorption Matrix. The main function of these ingredients is to accelerate the transportation and assimilation of DHEA. This way, the results can be noticed immediately.

The product is in the tablet form. It is recommended to consume two tablets daily. The second dose must be taken at least 8 hours after taking the first dose. When consuming 1-Androsterone RD, it is suggested to hold the tablet in your mouth for 30 seconds prior to gulping it down. Here are the deals we found on 1-Androsterone RD:

Store Price Shipping
1 39.95 Free
2 59.79 Free
3 $79.90 Free

What are the Product Features of 1-Androsterone RD?

-There’s a product label, indicating the comprehensive list of components, as well as the respective quantities of each of the ingredient. It is posted on the official site. This information is vital for the customers as this helps them make an informed decision prior to making a judgment whether to purchase a product or not.
-This particular supplement has the potential for augmenting the bioavailability of hormones compared to usual oral supplements.
-The main ingredient in 1-Androsterone RD, which is DHEA, is well-known for its efficacy in boosting testosterone levels when utilized as a supplementation.

Are there Adverse Effects?

DHEA is generally considered harmless, but it can still bring out some adverse reactions like skin oiliness, acne, and thickening of the skin. These physical manifestations are likely to happen when you consume 25-50 mg of DHEA each day. But one tablet of 1-Androsterone RD contains 100 mg of DHEA, which is pretty high.

1-Androsterone RD Price & Refund Policy

A pack of 1-Androsterone RD contains 60 tablets to last for a month and this costs from $59.79 to $84.79. It does not indicate on the official site of any satisfaction guarantee, so there’s probably none. You can, however, find another reseller that can provide a money-back guarantee, though it’s safer to purchase from the company directly.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

preview-full-shutterstock_554268265Being a muscle enlargement product, it is expected that this supplement boost your testosterone and androgen levels. Whether 1-Androsterone RD is one of the best brands in the market right now, we can’t say for sure.

For one, among its three primary components, it only has a single ingredient that can directly affect muscle development. The rest of its components is for faster absorption.

In our experience, the greatest muscle growth products typically have numerous components, each contributing to the body’s mechanism to increase muscle mass distinctively. This greatly raises the possibility of producing genuine results.

As for customer feedbacks, 1-Androsterone RD doesn’t have a lot online. It’s hard to know whether customers love this supplement or not.

Another issue is the product’s high cost and the absence of a satisfaction guarantee, which means there’s no chance of a refund in the case that you’re unhappy with its performance and results. It’s better to try products that offer money-back guarantees because it gives you the assurance that you can have your investment back when a product turns out to be unsatisfactory.

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