A Review of the Product Thermolife T-Bol

by Peter Franks

About Thermolife T-Bol

Thermolife T-Bol is a male enhancement supplement that touts to boost your overall production of testosterone and free testosterone for heightened sexual functions and overall performance in bed. However, with a price of almost $100 per bottle, we think Thermolife T-Bol’s price is too steep, considering its claims aren’t supported by clinical studies and tests. Even the claims made on its components aren’t substantiated by scientific research.

preview-full-shutterstock_449592439As for its claims of increasing the production of testosterone, saying it can sustain such hormone is fine, but promising to give your T levels a boost is another story. Plus, based on our assessment, we think that Thermolife T-Bol is made of generic components that have only been signed with different names to make them look like exclusive components.

Despite its scheming marketing ploys, can Thermolife T-Bol as a male enhancement supplement live up to its promise? Let’s find out below:

In general, Thermolife T-Bol has a good presentation, which possibly is the reason why it is so expensive. The box that holds this item is strong, ostentatious, and seems to be well-planned for. The bottle also has similar flamboyant look and the logo is really pretty. The texts in the box seem to be too much and the brand name of the product itself has a strange ring to it, but of course, the only thing that matters here is whether it is effective or not.

Is Thermolife T-Bol Efficient?

Basically, increasing T-levels is a challenge without the help of very efficient components. On the other hand, Thermolife T-Bol gives the impression that boosting one’s testosterone is as easy as ABC. In general, supplements like Thermolife T-Bol may only sustain testosterone, and not necessarily increase its production.

preview-full-shutterstock_565980970Moreover, it seems that Thermolife T-Bol is intended for men who are 50 and older since the men in this age range are the ones that require the assistance of testosterone enhancers. Generally though, regardless of age, more testosterone can come in handy for the purpose of giving you the edge during sex or when you’re doing your physical training in the gym.

The instructions read that dosage of Thermolife T-Bol must be two pills in the morning, two pills in the afternoon, and two more in the evening. That’s quite a lot of supplement intake that most people will find inconvenient.
Some consumers report side effects such as gassiness and a mild stomach upset, but overall there were no serious adverse reactions reported. Its company also claims that Thermolife T-Bol can also help with weight loss, but many customers said they didn’t notice any changes as far as their weight is concerned. Normally, boosted T levels also result to other health benefits, but many consumers said there was nothing noticeable with their health. Some complain that they didn’t experience any changes even after two weeks of using it.

Moreover, Thermolife T-Bol is not FDA approved, which is normal in supplements, anyway. The more serious concern is that there’s no clinical evidence that can back up the claims made on this product. Plus the fact that Thermolife T-Bol costs $100! Its manufacturer also resorts to devious marketing ploys in order to gain the customers’ attention. In this case, caution is required when thinking of buying a supplement. This doesn’t apply to Thermolife T-Bol solely, but to any supplements you’re considering of acquiring.

What are the Components?

As mentioned, these are general components with only different monikers.

Is Thermolife T-Bol for Real?

Though Thermolife T-Bol is not a scam, it’s important to look at the supplement with caution. Customers need to be vigilant when seeking for supplements to improve their sexual functions and health. Ingredients and other important factors in a product must be evaluated thoroughly to make the ideal selection. As for Thermolife T-Bol, it costs $100 and there’s no clinical proof cited, so it’s up to you.

Availability for Purchase

You can purchase Thermolife T-Bol directly from its official site. It is also offered on Amazon and other supplement sites. As of this writing, its product site claims it is sold out, but you can find it on other retailer sites.

Bear in mind not to trust random third-party sites offering supplements. This could be scams intending to rip you off with fake supplements. It’s wise to purchase from credible retailer sites if the supplement you’re looking for is not accessible directly from its company.

Moreover, a bottle of Thermolife T-Bol contains 75 pills. But since you need to consume 6 pills daily, this means that one bottle of this supplement is only good for about 12.5 days. This also means that you need to spend $200 in order to have a supply that can last for 25 days. There’s also the issue that taking pills in a day everyday is not convenient for users.

Money-Back Guarantee

According to the website, a 100% refund policy is provided, but they didn’t mention the duration in which you’re able to ask for a refund. Most companies give customers 30, 60, or even 90 days to claim for refunds, but Thermolife T-Bol doesn’t specify on this. As for whether they have an autoship enrollment or not, this wasn’t indicated on the site. So, hopefully there’s none since most of the time autoship enrollments end up to being customers’ nightmare.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

There are many issues concerning Thermolife T-Bol’s effectiveness and credibility. The components used aren’t supported by clinical studies, so that’s something you should be cautious about. Its company performs sly marketing tactics to lure customers in, though companies who do this could only say they need the attention in order to spread their product’s effectiveness. If you’re keen in giving Thermolife T-Bol a try, you can do so at your own risk. After all, the only way to know is to try it yourself.

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