A Review of the Product Viaxus – Is this Effective?

by Peter Franks

Product Overview

preview-full-shutterstock_95071111When it comes to purchasing a brand of a male enhancement product, how do you make your selection? Many people actually rely on their first impressions, especially if it’s their first time and they’re not sure of which one is good. They rely on their gut feeling. Surely, it gives customers a sense of assurance if a certain product is sold by well-known retailers like GNC or Walgreens. It is only normal for several users to presume that reputable stores such as GNC only offer supplements of premier quality. But in reality, this is not always true. It is better to perform thorough research about products before deciding which one to buy. It’s not very wise to rely on brands and assume that the ones sold in well-known stores are efficient.

In this article, we’re going to tackle about a specific male enhancement product, Viaxus. It can be found on GNC and online stores like Amazon. Apparently, Viaxus is largely distributed by mainstream physical and online stores. Strangely, although you can purchase this supplement online, there’s really not much information about this product when you search it on the internet. In order to find customer feedbacks discussing its safety and efficacy, we had to do comprehensive digging and extensive research to find customer reviews. Reading the experiences of real consumers helps a great deal when the purpose is to really get to know this product. Of course, real buying customers are expected to be honest when it comes to sharing their experiences with a certain supplement.

What are the Components in Viaxus?

The center of any nutritional product is the components it contains. Fortunately, the company behind Viaxus has divulged the components present in the product. Even the quantity of each ingredient is also disclosed. This is a positive sign that this supplement has nothing to conceal. Plus, supplements that inform their customers of the ingredients and their dosages allow the consumers to make an informed and conscious decision. This also enables customers to find the product reliable and trustworthy.

On the other hand, this context of openness and honesty can create both positive and negative repercussions. Since Viaxus contains familiar components, it becomes simpler for customers to know what to anticipate from this supplement. Below are the components contained in Viaxus’s formula:

Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed) 150mg
Cordyceps Sinensis 130mg
Ashwagandha 100mg
Tribulus Terrestris 100mg
Maca Root 100mg
Asian Ginseng 80mg

Based on the information on the label, proper use of Viaxus is one capsule daily on an empty stomach. Then you must take another capsule one and a half hour before sex.

Is Viaxus Effectual?

Firstly, Epimedium is a recognized aphrodisiac and is believed to increase testosterone levels. It works as long as used properly (right dosage). Let’s say that the Epimedium in Viaxus is about 40% Icariin, the active component in Epimedium, this means that it only has 60mg of Icariin, which is extremely low compared to the minimal required dose, which is 110mg for a 150-pounds male. Many other ingredients in Viaxus also have lower dosages than the required amounts in order to generate significant results.

Furthermore, Tribulus Terrestris is greatly potent as a component in male enhancement pills, but just as long as the quantity ranges from 200-450mg dose each day. The rest of the components also have lower dosages than what’s minimally required. The company, on the other hand, recommends doubling your intake in order to rectify this predicament.

Lastly, a box of Viaxus containing 40 items has a price of $69.99. When you consume this product two times daily to get maximized outcome, it can cost around $3.50 daily.

What’s the Bottom Line?

preview-full-shutterstock_109588097It’s good that the full list of components present in Viaxus’ formula is disclosed for the customers to see. This helps you set your expectations of what results to experience, as well as let you know how many of the supplement you’re required to consume in order to produce effects. We think that Viaxus has promising features and that it can really help men solve their sexual issues concerning their sexual functions and performance. But as mentioned, taking 2 capsules of Viaxus each day can cost you about $4 daily. So, if this is something that you’re willing to compromise with and something you know you can keep up financially, then Viaxus is worth trying. On the other hand, there are also cheaper alternatives that are also quite effective. The bottom line is that Viaxus can possibly produce positive results as a male enhancement supplement, but it’s quite costly to maintain compared with other similar products.

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