Our Review of Trimassix Male Enhancement Supplement

Trimassix is worth looking into for the scientific research behind its all-natural ingredients and testimonials of happy customers.

trimassix-review-promisesIf you roll your eyes when you see the phrase ‘male enhancement supplement,’ believe us, we get it. The male enhancement industry is sort of like a swamp you have to wade through, searching for a trustworthy product in all the muck and muddy waters. It’s unfortunate, but like any industry, the male enhancement industry has its fair share of fakes and frauds looking to snag unsuspecting customer’s cash. There’s nothing worse than dishing out money for a supplement and getting your hopes up only to see zero results after weeks or months of waiting patiently. We’ve got some good news, though. We’ve done some wading recently and we found Trimassix, a new male enhancement supplement that rises above others for one simple reason: it’s got the science to back it up.

Here are the big promises manufacturers promise you can expect when you take Trimassix daily for at least 8 weeks:

  • An increase in libido and sensitivity
  • An increase in overall energy and mood
  • The ability to gain and maintain an erection
  • The ability to reach an orgasm
  • Increased testosterone for sperm production and muscle mass

And, you guessed it:

  • An increase in penis size, girth and length

trimassix-review-productAs is often the case with supplements and their claims, you’re probably shaking your head and thinking there’s no way one pill can do all that, especially when it comes to improving penis size. When you look at the scientific research and clinical studies on Trimassix, though, the results make sense. Trimassix contains all-natural ingredients including herbs and amino acids which have been proven to give you these great results. What’s more is that they work together to give you the best results possible, and to prevent them from fading away as prescription pills like Viagra do after a handful of hours.

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Let’s cut to the chase. How can a supplement promote penis growth?

trimassix-review-how-can-it-promote-penis-growthMost men who seek out male enhancement supplements are, naturally, looking to enhance their male parts. They’re also looking to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues (more on that later, though). There are a few ways you can increase your penis size. For one, you can pay thousands of dollars for a risky surgery called phalloplasty where a doctor essentially snips ligaments that attach your penis to your hips and weigh down the penis to stretch it or pumps fat out from your love handles and injects it into your penis. Both surgeries are highly risky, expensive, and unnatural. Another way of increasing penis size is with penile exercises and penis extenders – after exercising and extending for about six hours a day for half a year, most men only see an increase of about half an inch. Worth it? We think not. The third way, of course, is with a male enhancement supplement like Trimassix.

But how’s it work? The key word is vasodilation. Vasodilators in Trimassix increase blood flow to the penis by relaxing blood vessels. An increase in blood flow to the penis has two effects: One, you can more easily get and maintain an erection. Goodbye erectile dysfunction! Two, that increase in blood flow forces your penile tissues to adjust and expand over time. This results in penile muscle growth in girth and length over time. Testosterone boosters, too, promote this muscle growth.

What kind of ingredients can do this? And what about the other effects – increase in libido, energy, muscle mass?

Trimassix contains four main ingredients that get going the male enhancement process going. On their own, each ingredient is often sold as a supplement for male enhancement. It’s when you put them together, though, that you get optimum results in a supplement like Trimassix.

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Where it starts: L-Arginine

trimassix-review-ingredients-l-arginineL-Arginine is a naturally-occurring amino acid that jumpstarts the vasodilation process we just talked about, increasing blood flow to the penis to promote erection development and penis growth. On its own, L-Arginine is one of the most effective vasodilators on the market, but here’s what the research shows: it works even better when it’s combined with the following herbal aphrodisiacs.

Tongkat Ali, AKA the Asian Viagra

trimassix-review-ingredients-tongkat-aliTongkat Ali is one of those time-tested aphrodisiacs that has been passed down by community elders for centuries. It’s not some folk medicine that’s been debunked, though. Tongkat Ali has been proven to really work for male enhancement. Tongkat Ali is an aphrodisiac that alerts the brain to increase sensitivity and prepare a man for sex. You become more sensitive to touch and sight, and you get a rush of desire. With that rush and vasodilation from L-Arginine, producing an erection is no problem at all.

Tongkat Ali is unique in that it offers more than aphrodisiac qualities easily found in other herbs and chemicals. It also works as a testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali promotes testosterone production which on its own has numerous effects. Low testosterone is a common problem in men of all ages, but it becomes an increasingly frustrating problem as you age. An increase in testosterone gives you more youthful energy, muscle growth and fat loss, semen production, and sexual endurance. Basically, you get your manhood back.

Muira Puama

trimassix-review-ingredients-muirapuamaMuira Puama is a wildly powerful aphrodisiac that really gets you going. You’re going to have the libido you had years or decades ago. Get ready to dominate in the bedroom and make your partner really, really happy.

Maca Root

Maca powder (flour) in glass bowl with maca roots or Peruvian ginseng (lat. Lepidium meyenii) (Selective Focus, Focus one third into the maca powder)

Maca powder (flour) in glass bowl with maca roots or Peruvian ginseng (lat. Lepidium meyenii) (Selective Focus, Focus one third into the maca powder)

We’re pretty impressed with Maca Root because it really holds the whole party together. As men get older, their refractory period – a period of rest and low sex drive after orgasming – becomes longer. They lose zinc and testosterone, resulting in low testosterone issues. If Tongkat Ali promotes testosterone production but it’s lost every time you have sex, what’s the point? Well, you don’t lose it, thanks to Maca Root. Maca Root shortens the refractory period, allowing you to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Because your refractory period is shorter, you also stay sexually energized and can bounce back for another session in the bedroom faster than before.

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So what can you expect?

trimassix-review-you-can-expect-penis-growthUpping your sex drive and testosterone levels sounds pretty cool. And now you get the science of vasodilation and testosterone boosts. But what can you really expect when you take Trimassix yourself? We’ve covered a lot of it already:

  • A boost in energy and mood
  • A boost in libido and sexual endurance
  • A boost in testosterone, semen production, and muscle growth
  • An increase in sexual confidence and self-esteem
  • A really happy partner

More specifically, though, you should experience a boost in libido within thirty minutes of taking the supplement. For this reason, many men choose to take it in the morning for the jolt of energy or just before sex for the libido-enhancing effect.

Penis GrowthUp to 5 Inches of Growth


Semen Volume

Orgasm Quality

Of course, that’s not all. We haven’t forgotten penis growth. Ninety-nine percent of men who have taken Trimassix have reported they’re highly satisfied with their results. Here’s why:

You can expect to see a penis size increase of 4 to 5 inches in 8-12 weeks.

All men are created differently, so add or subtract a few weeks just to be sure. But you can expect penis growth. And if you don’t see a difference, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. Four to five inches, you guys. Sold yet? We were.

So where can you get it?

We found that the most trustworthy place to get Trimassix was, unsurprisingly, directly from the manufacturer at their website. One cool thing about Trimassix is it’s available in bulk for a much better deal. And, as we mentioned before, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. You don’t have anything to lose.

So there you have it!

trimassix-review-so-there-you-have-itWe’re like anybody else: we’ll believe it when we see it or when you show us the proof. When you’re looking to take a male enhancement supplement, the worst thing you could do is rely on blind faith. But when someone proves their point, that’s a whole new story.

Trimassix is unique in the world of male enhancement in that it’s bringing the industry legitimacy in scientific research and clinical studies. While plenty of companies are still selling snake oil, Trimassix really works. And that is a breath of fresh air.

When you’re born with a small penis or see your libido or testosterone levels dwindling, it can feel like you’re out of control, hopeless, and defective. You feel like there’s really nothing you can do about it. This isn’t the case, though. We recommend that you give Trimassix a try. In the best of worlds, you’ll get the wild results so many men are raving about. If you’re less than happy with the results, though, you’ll get your money back. In other words, you can’t lose.

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