Reviewing Added Protection III: How Harmless and Efficient is this Product?

by Peter Franks
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Getting to Know Added Protection III

This supplement claims to be loaded with nutrients that are wide-ranging and efficiently concentrated to supply the body of the nutrition it needs every day. It actually has 30 vitamins and minerals, as well as two amino acids (methionine and cysteine). The amino acids mentioned here are actually distinctive that their availability is limited. In addition, Added Protection III has anti-oxidants too, such as beta-carotene, which ascertains excellent health.

How the Product Works?

Added Protection III basically functions by giving the cells in the body the nutrients necessary to get them working and working more proficiently as well. The nutrients in Added Protection III are also pure and natural without any synthetic flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. This supplement also touts on using the most wholesome and most hypoallergenic components in the market.

What are the Active Components?

shutterstock_400222762Potent components used in Added Protection III are the following: vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin K1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, niacinamide, pantonthenic acid, Vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin b12,biotin, choline, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, vanadium, Boron 2, PABA, inositol, citrus bioflavanoids, DL-methionine and L-cysteine.

Duration to See the Positive Effects

Thanks to Added Protection III’s solid potency, the results only take about one week. This is actually remarkable as other supplements take longer. This is made possible by the countless nutrients in the supplement that makes the cells increase metabolism, which then results to the product taking effect faster. Due to the enhancement of the metabolic rate, Added Protection III can also increase your appetite.

What are the Strengths of Added Protection III?

The positive effects of Added Protection III take faster to manifest thanks to its excellent formulation.

The supplement delivers all the required nutrients into your cells and more, increasing your metabolic rates.

The components in this supplement are just apt in order to regulate the blood consistency.

There are components in Added Protection III that are good for the heart.

What are the Weaknesses of Added Protection III?

There are numerous components. This can lead to interactions. If interactions do happen, this makes Added Protection III more of a health risk than a health advantage.

The recommended dosage is 6 tablets a day, which are both inexpedient and plenty.

It has Vitamin K, which can strongly interact with the prescribed medications caumarin and warfarin.

It also has iron. Actually, excessive intake of iron causes major poisoning in infants.

What are the Safety Precautions?

For infant use, it is important to ask the pediatrician first. Drink lots of water when taking Added Protection III because its mineral content is high. Having good roughage is important when using this supplement. If you’re taking medicinal drugs, especially those that has warfarin and/or caumarin, do not use Added Protection III. This supplement is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you have medical problems involving your liver, spleen, pancreas, or heart, avoid using this product. You can only do so if your doctor allows you to. Lastly, if you’re taking another kind of supplement, bear in mind to not take it at the same time with Added Protection III, especially if there’s iron.

What Side Effects Can Be Expected?

Apart from a boosted appetite, physical manifestations that you can have associated with Added Protection III use are skin rashes, skin itchiness, teeth discoloration, body odor and bad breath (only if you use longer), nausea, headaches, and dehydration. These adverse reactions can be managed if full hydration is ensured so that no wastes are stocked up. It is actually ideal to drink water that equals to half of your body’s weight, as well as taking a shower everyday.

Is there Clinical Research Performed?

shutterstock_87516784Added Protection III contains recycler components, which is not surprising since other supplements use recycler ingredients as well. In this supplement, the exceptions would be the two amino acids – methionine and cysteine. This is the reasoning as to why supplements have the same adverse reactions. In clinical studies, it actually demonstrates that ingredients don’t have side effects when used individually. The factor that causes these side effects is not the components themselves, but their combination and the simultaneous consumption.

What’s the Apt Dosage and Price?

As mentioned earlier, recommended dosage by the company that manufactured it is 6 tablets per day with meals. This supplement is held in containers that can occupy 180 tablets. The product’s cost depends on the vendor.

Consumer Feedbacks

Though there are praises for Added Protection III specifying its efficiency in delivering the right nutrition to the body, there are also criticisms. There are several customers who don’t like how it tastes, as well as the discomfort felt while taking Added Protection III due to the side effects. The side effects reported are nausea, bloating and constipation. But if you can control these negative reactions, you can still enjoy the efficiency of this supplement.

Added Protection III – Final Recommendation

As mentioned, if you’re fine with handling the side effects that come along Added Protection III use, then you should be able to appreciate the efficacy of this supplement in terms of improving your health. Just remember that this product is not the final step to be able to achieve a healthier body. It also depends on your health habits.

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