Reviewing the Effectiveness of Tropinex AQ

by Peter Franks
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About Tropinex AQ

Tropinex AQ is a nutritional supplement that claims to increase the body’s production of human growth hormone or HGH. This is important for maintaining one’s good health, as well as for building lean muscle mass.

Manufactured by Sports Image, Tropinex AQ is a new HGH supplement in the market. The company, however, is unheard of. After some digging, we found that Sports Image is a spin-off of the company BPI Sports, a well-known brand in the fitness and muscle building business.

Just like several HGH supplements, Tropinex AQ is a formulation that’s developed to increase the production of HGH. It is said to be accomplished with the use of an exclusive blend of ingredients mostly containing peptides and natural herbs. Purportedly, Tropinex AQ not only will help you boost HGH production, it’ll also facilitate greater joints, bones, connective tissues, as well as a significant boost in muscle mass.

Defining HGH

Reviewing the Effectiveness of Tropinex AQ

Basically, HGH is a hormone that is being naturally secreted by the body. This hormone mainly contributes to your body’s development in terms of size and aesthetics since HGH can augment your muscle mass. Aside from this, the hormone can also work on the immune system and help with enlargement and renewal.

During the bliss of youth, the body produces high levels of HGH, which is great. But as you get older, say once you step into your late 20s, the body’s generation of HGH naturally begins to slow down in its pace. This is why HGH supplements like Tropinex AQ flood the market. This is one way of reversing the effects of getting older, ensuring that your production of level of HGH is still stable.

Understanding How the Product Work

Tropinex AQ doesn’t straightforwardly work by containing growth hormones. It accomplishes its said claims by delivering natural components that are purported to rouse the pituitary gland in the brain, which can help secrete more HGH. To understand more of how the supplement works, refer to the components below:

Reviewing the Effectiveness of Tropinex AQ

Vitamin D3 – it is essential for guys who want to increase the secretion of testosterone because it rouses the androgen glands to generate further testosterone. With higher testosterone levels, you’ll able to construct more muscles.

Alseodaphne Andersonii – it is a laural plant that originates in China and other Southeast Asian nations. It’s been studied for its antibacterial properties, which could aid in making sure your immune system functions well. But there’s no clinical proof that this can help in terms of muscle development.

Alstonia Macrophylla W. – it is another herbal element that comes from a plant called Devil Tree. Like Alseodaphne, its potential results appear to be mostly immune system-related. Supplement View said that this ingredient can also help in alleviating muscle soreness.

Sambucus Australis – this ingredient is also called Southern Elder. It comes from North America and has been utilized for curing muscle aches. There’s also developing clinical proof that this ingredient could be used for addressing muscle spasms.

Ficus Bengalensis – this originates in India; extracts taken from this tree have been researched and utilized for many purposes such as getting rid of intestinal worms. However, there’s no proof of its growth hormone-boosting properties.

Pueraria Thumbergiana B. – typically called kudzu, it is a vine that’s originated in China and Japan. This ingredient appears to be more of a solution for muscle pain than help with muscle enlargement.

Eucommiae Cortex – this ingredient is believed to alleviate join pains, as well as cure high blood pressure.

Proper Use of Tropinex AQ

According to the info available, take one pill of Tropinex AQ on an empty stomach in the morning. However, users complain that by taking this without eating, there are side effects such as jitters, mood swings, and anxiety. Thus, it may be better to take Tropinex AQ with food or prior your exercise.

What are the Product Features?

-It is not a hormone product; it’s claimed to be a peptide-releasing hormone that rouses the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH.

-The primary components seem to be mostly herbal and natural, which means no serious adverse reactions.

-It’s convenient because you only need to take the supplement once daily.

Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

For a 30-day supply of Tropinex AQ, the cost of the supplement is $89.99. There’s no refund policy provided.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The components present in Tropinex AQ appear to be not directly related to the building of muscles. The customer reviews are varied, so it’s hard to gauge the customers’ general satisfaction rate. On the other hand, it’s a concern for many that Tropinex AQ is pricey. For almost $90, Tropinex AQ better have significant outcomes to boast.

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