Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Vaso-9

by Peter Franks

What is Vaso-9?

shutterstock_519380434Vaso-9 is a male enhancement supplement that claims to boost your sex drive, improve the quality of your erections and even augment the size of your penis. It has numerous components that have been shown to deliver these promised positive results, as claimed by its manufacturer. On the other hand, no product can really increase a penis’ size for good. While Vaso-9 is a decent supplement for improving your sexual health and functions, there are similar products out there that can perform as efficiently as this one. So, what’s in Vaso-9 that can make itself easily distinguished from the rest of the competition?

Vaso-9 has been promoted by its company in a rather fascinating technique, but it also appears to us that this product and Vaso Ultra are the same.

We’ve come up with this assumption because the web content of both products has the same, well, content.

Nearly all male enhancement products concentrate on increasing the user’s sex drive or augmenting one’s quality of erections, but penis enlargement is a completely different story.

So, the question is – is Vaso-9 effectual in delivering its promised sexual benefits? Read on to find out if this supplement is truly a cutting-edge product like its company makes it seem to be.

What are the Functions?

shutterstock_136740908The product site states that Vaso-9 is totally made of natural components, which makes it harmless; and that it can help one enlarge his penis by an average of 31%.

This particular supplement is said to improve one’s erections by improving the blood flow. According to the site, a notable difference will be seen within just a few days of using Vaso-9. The manufacturer is not just saying that it can provide guys out there with greater and firmer erections.

They’re also saying that with the use of Vaso-9, you can also expect to see an increase in your penis. Length and width increase begins after a few weeks while you will see the maximized results after 12 weeks. The site claims that the supplement can help increase the penis’ length and width long-term by augmenting erectile tissues.

What are the Components?

The good thing is that Vaso-9 has multiple references (7) when it comes to their ingredient profile, which is great because many manufacturers don’t bother. Below are the ingredients present in Vaso-9’s formulation:

Tribulus Terrestris – a study demonstrated that this ingredient can boost sex drive, erectile capacities, and even augment the production of testosterone. But in two other studies, the ingredient didn’t make much impact on the testosterone levels.

Even though none of the seven researches Vaso-9’s site has provided substantiated that tribulus terrestris can increase penis length and circumference, it has been confirmed that it can augment testosterone levels, which is crucial for ensuring your sexual health and functions.

L-Citrulline – though the product site missed to reference a study focusing on this component, we were able to find one where it was found that L-citrulline enhanced erectile capacities in men suffering from mild erectile dysfunction. Plus, this component improves the production of nitric oxide, which then dilates the blood vessels and facilitates better blood flow.

L-Arginine Nitrate – no researches were given for this component, either, but we saw one study showing that both L-arginine and L-citrulline are strongly associated with each other and that both ingredients are useful when it comes to improving blood flow. In this research, L-arginine provided men more solid and erections that lasted longer, but only when low nitric oxide levels was the culprit for the erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, there was no result showing that L-arginine could change the size of corpus cavernosum, either short-lived or long-term.

Eurycoma Longifolia – in a study, only 35 percent of the participants had stable testosterone levels. But after consuming this component for one month, this grew to 90 percent. Thus, it has been found that eurycoma longifolia can improve one’s se drive and promote muscle development brought by the significant increase in the testosterone levels.

Maca Root – it is a herbal component that is filled with nutrients and has been proven to naturally heighten your energy. Some individuals consider this to be efficient in normalizing hormone levels, as well as augmenting the production of testosterone.

Avena Sativa – this is an aphrodisiac that helps in boosting your sex drive, erections, and overall sexual gratification, though we weren’t able to find any studies regarding its effectiveness.

Long Pepper – we’re uncertain why long pepper is included in Vaso-9’s formula. It surely doesn’t help in increasing the size of the penis. In fact, it holds down nerve activity, heightens one’s appetite, and even contributes to gassiness. Plus, it’s a main component in pepper spray products.

How Harmless are the Components?

Although all components in this product are natural, that doesn’t make harmless without questions asked. Thus, it is crucial to use Vaso-9 as instructed.

Proper Use of the Product

It is recommended to take 2 pills on an empty stomach. You can either take it before a meal or 2 hours after eating. The supplement can be ingested in the morning, during the day, or before bedtime, whatever suits you best. Its manufacturer states that you can take it whenever you’re able to as there’s not an ideal period to take the supplement, just as long as you follow the dosage and the instructions.

Purchasing Vaso-9

A single bottle of Vaso-9 has 60 capsules, which can make it last for 30 days. Its official site is the only credible store you can find online. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 bottle – $39.99
  • 3 bottles – $79.98 ($26.66 each)
  • 5 bottles – $119.95 ($23.99 each)
  • 7 bottles – $159.92 ($22.85 each)

Vaso-9 can be shipped internationally in an intact package. There’s no free shipping offered and the site doesn’t include information on the shipping charges. You can opt to purchase this supplement in other stores for a price of $59.99 for every bottle.

The good news is that there isn’t any autoship plan involved and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Vaso-9 could help you if you’re having troubles with your sex drive and maintaining erections since it has components that have been clinically tested to deliver those positive effects. On the other hand, these ingredients are not scientifically confirmed to produce effects that can increase a penis’ size for good.

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