Reviewing True Slim Tea: Is this Product Genuine?

by Peter Franks
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At a Glance

True Slim Tea is a weight loss supplement in the form of tea that’s been endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product claims to encourage weight loss with the use of natural herbs, which includes Bamboo Leaf. Regular consumption of True Slim Tea results to a cleansed digestive system, decreased bloating, augmented metabolism and cut down fat deposits. It is presented in two kinds: regular and extra strength. Also, True Slim Tea was designed by a world-renowned herbalist, Li-Si-Zhen, known for compiling Encyclopedia of Herbs, which apparently helped herbalists all around the world.

Active Components

The ingredients stated on the product’s website are Natural Oriental Herbs and MalvaVerticellata.

Understanding How It Worksshutterstock_108021647

As a weight loss product, it enforces shedding of pounds by increasing the bowel movements, because this purifies the colon and gets rid of toxins. To see maximized results, take True Slim Tea everyday for 1-2 cups per day. Do not go more than two cups. The regular kind costs $4.29 for 30 bags. The extra-strength costs $2.99 for 12 bags. You can place your order/s here:

What are the Benefits?

The fact that True Slim Tea was made by world renowned master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen
This can be purchased online safely because a secure payment checkout is available
This product can be purchased from anywhere around the world through the availability of international delivery
You can choose between regular and extra-strength
Caffeine is not included in the formula, so no stimulants
The price of this product is low

What are the Drawbacks?

There’s not enough information about the product
Refunds and free samples are not available
The specific components are not revealed on the website
It is indefinite if True Slim Tea has contraindications or not
It would be more ideal if there are more details about this product

True Slim Tea – Final Thoughts


This weight loss supplement is presented in two kinds: regular and extra-strength. It promotes losing of weight by improving the metabolism, mildly rinsing out toxins from the digestive system and taking out fat deposits from the body. Nonetheless, there are no scientific proofs backing such claims and the information on the product is also scarce.

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