How Safe & Effective is Nitroxin?

by Peter Franks
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About the Product

Nitroxin is a male enhancement product that is also being promoted by some people in the world of porn. This supplement touts to have been financially supported by a couple of porn production companies, studied by experts, and promoted by porn star Miss Bree Olsen.

Based on the information on the official page, Nitroxin can enhance your sex life. This is said to be achieved by boosting your sex drive, improving the quality of your erections, and even increasing the length and circumference of your penis for good. These claims are surely incredible. It would be even more so if they’re for real. That’s what we’re going to find out in this review.

Understanding How It Functions

How Safe & Effective is Nitroxin?According to the explanation on the website, Nitroxin works by this two-step course.

Step One

Nitroxin boosts testosterone levels and dopamine. With greater amount of testosterone, your sex drive increases. Your energy levels, endurance, and your strength also improve. With higher amount of dopamine in your body, you’re able to improve your mood and feel happier in general.

Step Two

Nitroxin boosts nitric oxide. This enables greater amount of blood to flow into the penile chambers. With better flow, the erections also improve. The company behind Nitroxin claims that the ingredients in the supplement supply the erectile tissue directly, which makes it become enlarged.

Recommended Dosage

How Safe & Effective is Nitroxin?The company says it is recommended to consume Nitroxin 10 minutes prior sex. The impact of the supplement should start nearly instantaneously. On the other hand, the FAQ page of the official site mentions that you’re required to use Nitroxin on a regular basis if you want to increase the size of your penis for good.

What are the Components?

Unfortunately, it’s not indicated on the official site what ingredients are used in Nitroxin that can provide male enhancement effects. With this, it’s hard for us to gauge the supplement’s potential effectiveness or even its side effects. Customers also need this information to be able to make an informed decision before making any purchase.

Product Features

You only need to take Nitroxin prior sex to increase your libido and overall sexual functions for a better performance. But if you want to increase your penis size, it is recommended to take on a regular basis.
There’s a 60-day refund policy offered. Thus, you can try using Nitroxin without worrying about the money spent on it. In case you’re not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund.

As mentioned, there’s no product label on the website. Hence, we’re not aware of the specific ingredients used in Nitroxin and their exact dosages.

Place to Purchase

You can acquire Nitroxin via their product site. One bottle can last for one month and it has a price of $39.95. You can get discounts if you purchase in bulk. The site also offers a deal, which involves DVDs of Bree Olsen’s works.

The Takeaway

While male enhancement supplements really have the potential to increase a man’s sex drive, erections, and his overall performance in bed, it’s a different story when a company claims that their supplement can increase the size of a man’s penis permanently. Besides, Nitroxin doesn’t have a product label. It’s a challenge to weigh this supplement’s efficacy when we’re not aware of the components used in its formulation.

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