Should Men Groom Their Pubic Hair? Here Is What Women Think.

by Peter Franks

Shaving pubic hair in men is a subject of masculinity in men, so people may seldom talk about it. But what do women think about this? If you know your woman well or are already married, perhaps you already know the answer to this. But if you are in the early stages of dating someone, this might be a big wonder to you.


Grooming in Men


Our pubic hair exists for a reason. Experts say that it is there to somehow protect the private areas from irritation and infections. But this hair may sometimes be unsightly, especially if you have rich pubic hair. This hair may also trap sweat and dirt that may leave unpleasant odors down the genital area.


To help you decide wShould Men Groom Their Pubic Hair? Here Is What Women Think.hether to groom down there, here are some grooming ideas you may first want to think about:


Grooming Style Variations


Genital grooming is a regular practice in both genders. There are many reasons why both would want to try shaving at one point. For men, shaving might offer plenty of benefits too, both aesthetically and for comfort. Just make sure that whatever type of hair grooming you prefer, make sure that you do it with utmost safety.

Here are a few options that men may consider:


Completely Shaved


This grooming style requires an amount of effort, especially in the scrotal area, as it has thin and sensitive skin. Just be careful when shaving your pubic area to avoid cuts from sharp razors.

If you decide to go bare in your pubic area, be sure to do some aftercare shaving. But be ready, as this is a high maintenance type of care you may want to do more often once you’ve started it. And don’t worry about hair growing back thicker because this is only a myth.

Rinse the shaved area with cold water to prevent any ingrown hair around the region. You will need soothing creams or similar products to reduce skin irritations as shaved skin becomes more sensitive to chaffing.




Trimming might probably be the best option for men who want low maintenance hair grooming for their private area. Aside from the fact that this is easier to do, it is also less costly, and there is no need for special creams for aftercare maintenance.

Keep in mind to always use a sharp pair of scissors to make the job easier as dull scissors will make the process longer. Never cut too close to your skin, either, to avoid accidental cuts along the skin and genitals.


Scrotal Shave


Some say that pubic hair adds manliness making some men opt for this type of grooming. But this kind of grooming requires extra care, as you would not also want to have cuts in there. The key is to take shaving slow and steady.

Taking a warm shower first is also a great idea before shaving because it relaxes the skin. A warm shower also stimulates blood flow to the ball and makes them loose and easy to shave.

Like any other shaving, you will also need aftercare for this. You may choose to apply a shave balm to cool and nourish the skin around the shaved area.


Effects of Shaving


But of course, bumps, cuts, and nicks are sometimes unavoidable in the shaved pubic area. These irritations are not a good sight, so use a cream for maintenance. Ingrown hairs are also possible, so always check for possible side effects.


Unwanted side effects of grooming the pubic area:


  • Folliculitis or infections in the hair roots
  • Redness or rashes
  • Chemical burns from using aftercare creams and gels
  • Cuts
  • Blisters


To avoid these kinds of unwanted side effects, use clean and sanitized scissors and razors. Do not share these items with anyone, either.


What Women Want


Now, for the big question, do women want pubic hair in men or not? Are most of them into men grooming their pubic hairs, or do they want it as it is?

Women have varying preferences when it comes to men shaving their pubic hair.

Should Men Groom Their Pubic Hair? Here Is What Women Think.

Here are some reasons women prefer it trimmed or shaved:


  1. The length of the penis is much more appreciated.
  2. Less hair is better for women who love performing oral sex to men.
  3. Shaving makes a man look more muscular or appealing.
  4. Grooming indicates over-all cleanliness.


For those who want more pubic hair in men:


  1. It makes a man look more manly.
  2. Removing hair may make sex more prone to sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Some women think that it is just normal to see pubic hair in their men.


These reasons would give you a quick view of what women think when it comes to men shaving off their pubic hair. After all, in cases where your woman might prefer a groomed pubic area, you can manscape right before the night. If you are single, you may even groom only on nights when you are going on dates.

Most often, women appreciate the total package of a man’s sex appeal when it comes to sex. More importantly, they are more interested in how you will be able to please them during sex. Sometimes, it is the social pressure of what we see in media that pushes men to shave their pubic hair.


Shaving or not, it is your personal preference that matters most, but you need to be considerate of your sexual partner if they prefer otherwise. In the end, it’s all up to you. What matters, after all, is your personal choice because it is your body and your freedom to choose your body care.


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