Slimfy Review – Three-Stage Weight Loss Booster

by Peter Franks
Slimfy Review – Three-Stage Weight Loss Booster

Slimfy Review

Ever stressing the importance of lifestyle, exercise, and healthy diets, physicians and dieticians area always recommending these things when it comes to weight loss and, yes, this is true, but using a supplement is just as crucial if you want the best results possible.

That’s where Slimfy enters the scene. Slimfy is a “revolutionary” supplement said to have a unique angle on weight loss and rather than simply promising fat loss, they promise amazing results with their three-stage approach to weight loss.

slimfy review-green tea extractComing in highly recommended by physicians, Slimfy is formulated to be an effective solution to overcome pesky weight loss challenges. One thing that I do happen to find interesting is their claim to help with the overall tolerance our bodies start building up with certain supplements. Basically, over a period of time our bodies will build a tolerance to a supplement and, in turn, the effects of the supplement aren’t going to be as dramatic. Slimfy, however, says that their product can stop that tolerance from building up to help you get better results with your supplements.

So during the first month of your Slimfy experience, you’ll go through their detox stage by removing unwanted toxins with ingredients like ginger, milk thistle, saffron, and green coffee bean extract. Several users have insisted that this product has worked wonders while others say that it’s a complete and total waste of money. It’s hard to tell which reviews are genuine or not, but it may just depend on the person.

After the detox stage the next stage begins (month 2) and you will begin to prepare your body for those coveted weight loss results. The ingredients listed in the products for month 2 are raspberry keytones and green coffee been extract along with CoQ10, reservatrol, saffron, and maqui berry.

slimfy review-raspberry ketonesAfter this you’ll jump into the last and final stage (month 3) which they have considered to be the maintenance stage. During this stage you will be tricking your body into overcoming that tolerance build up using ingredients such as African mango extract, green tea extract, caralluma febriata, CoQ10, and lychee extract.

Although the ingredients in Slimfy seem to be of high quality, many reviewers claim it just doesn’t work at all. Whereas others claim it was the best thing ever. So it’s hard to discern whether it’s going to work or not based on reviews.

As far as price, it leans on the more expensive side of supplements, but it is a three-stage process, although their refund policy doesn’t seem to be very easy. Also, it seems like this product may actually be discontinued, but if you can track Slimfy down online for a decent price I’d say give it a try and see how it works for you. Being discontinued, however, you might find the prices to be even steeper and in that case I may suggest going with something else instead.

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