Super Beta Prostate Review: Is it a scam?

by Peter Franks

Super Beta Prostate Analysis

It has been calculated that close to 80% of all males over 60 are suffering through difficulties with their prostate. It is further reported that as many as 30 million of them are seeing a medical practitioner for treatment to correct prostate enlargement and number grows on a daily basis. New Vitality created Super Beta Prostate to solve these problems including disorders such as BPH, cancer of the prostate gland, and prostatitis and their associated symptoms. This supplement manufacturer declares that their formula alone can shield the prostate from these serious conditions and cure those that men have previously been diagnosed with. New Vitality boasts their prostate supplement offers superior health benefits over any others in the marketplace.

Super Beta Prostate Components and Functions

15-aThis supplement contains numerous phytosterols including Beta-Sitosterol. These are taken from organic materials and have extraordinary therapeutic actions for the entire body. These phytosterols function to reduce prostate inflammation and regenerate the libido.

Another healing phytosterol in this formula is expressed from Pygeum Africanum. It triggers actions which prohibit carcinoma cell proliferation and have been proven to concentrate for malignancies of the prostate gland. This property also corrects many urination issues.

Medical practitioners commonly prescribe vitamin D supplements to promote bladder health and to bolster the muscle contractions for urinary flow improvement. It is also a principal factor in the level of intestinal absorption of many important nutrients.

Scientists have proven the importance of copper for increased immunity as it combats bacterial infections. It has also shown evidence of hindering the prostatic malignancy growth progression and is a healing mineral which prevents free radical damage.

Considerably greater levels of zinc are found in the prostate gland as opposed to other vital organs. It blocks metastasis and studies have demonstrated that proper zinc levels can slash prostate cancer risks.

Twice each day users are to consume a single gel-cap.

Super Beta Prostate Upsides and Downsides

Super Beta Prostate Upsides


Professional studies have been conducted on all of the properties.

Consumers have posted positive experiences for Super Beta Prostate across the internet.

New Vitality offers displeased customers a refund within 30 days of purchase.

A free container is provided to first time purchasers.

Super Beta Prostate Downsides

Super Beta Prostate has never had any tests performed on its post market formula.

There are negative user experiences for this supplement.

Most all of the praise for Super Beta Prostate speaks to its ability to promote the health of the prostate, not for actually treating any type of serious disorder.

There are less expensive options for prostate support.

Purchase Location

Consumer will pay around $20 for a 30-day supply or 60 capsules. They can order it from,, and as well as several other supplement sites on the web.

Final Vote

New Vitality does well and offers many types of health supplements; however, its products should be considered supporting additions to any treatment. Super Beta Prostate is not to cure cancer or urinary tract disorders, but to promote existing health. There are numerous options which cost less available in the marketplace.

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