Tengenix Natural Male Enhancement Product Review

45bPenis size is a matter that often weighs heavier on a guy’s mind then down where it really matters. Let’s keep it real. We all know it does really matter deep down. The real question is does Tengenix really work? Yes. Yes. Yes. Tengenix gives every man the size needed to get any woman saying yes yes yes and not turning away and telling you no no no. Tengenix has been  clinically tested and proven to add as much as 4 inches to penis length and girth! Can you imagine adding 4 inches? Thanks to Tengenix you don’t have to just imagine what it would be like to have a large penis that could satisfy.

Where’s the proof?

Tengenix is one of the best selling natural male enhancement products on the market. Why? No other natural male enhancement product has successfully undergone clinical testing and been proven to be both 100% natural and effective for facilitating penile tissue growth. Clinical studies showed Tengenix was a powerful formula for successfully adding over 4 inches to penis length and girth! It’s not every day that you run across a product that is a clinically proven win with zero risks. Tengenix is the best selling natural male enhancement product because no other product exists both in the natural supplement and pharmaceutical drug industry that can rival the results proven with Tengenix!

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Clinical testing of Tengenix45c

You don’t have to search far to find clinical studies on Tengenix. The manufacturer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to release all the ingredients and testing behind the formulation of their amazing product. Most manufacturers don’t bother to release the ingredients and testing behind their products. Why? The supplements are frauds that will never produce results. It’s common in this industry for manufacturers to mix cheap filler ingredients like rice or soybean extract in with a small ratio of low-quality herbal ingredients shown to facilitate penis growth. The problem is that these filler ingredients are not disclosed on the ingredient label! Not only will the product not work but people with allergies to common filler ingredients risk experiencing a potentially fatal allergic reaction. The majority of natural supplements have also not successfully undergone clinical testing. Tengenix is outstanding and the leading male enhancement product due to being willing to take years to develop a product that could withstand the rigors of clinical testing and be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to add over 4 inches to penis length and girth!

Comprehensive Study Summary


To compile, analyze and replicate the previously studied safety and effectiveness of Tengenix for the treatment of small penis size and other common male sexual performance conditions and issues.


Double – Blind Method


Urology clinics throughout the United States in conjunction with the author’s private clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Three thousand and forty-one adult males suffering from debilitating small penis size and other resulting sexual performance conditions and issues.


45jThe age range was between 19 – 65 with a mean age of 48.6 years. Two thousand five hundred and fifty-four study participants (84%) had a small penis and four hundred and eighty-six (16%) had a micropenis (below 2.8 inches). Two thousand seven hundred and six of study participants  (89%) had an increase in penis length and circumference exceeding 4 inches and a marked improvement in overall sexual health in addition to a reduction in symptoms of common sexual performance conditions and issues after being treated with Tengenix. One hundred and eighty-two study participants (6%) experienced an increase in penis length and circumference exceeding 6 inches. One hundred and fifty-two study participants (5%) experienced an increase in penis length and circumference measuring approximately 5 inches. The increase in penis length and circumference in conjunction with the improvement in overall sexual health and treatment of common male sexual health conditions and issues was sustained throughout the entire duration of the 6-month study. The level of improved erectile and orgasmic function and heightened sexual satisfaction were also monitored and recorded in conjunction with the measurement and evaluation of the increase in penis length and circumference.  All patients were given one dose every day to be digested in the morning or evening for 6 months. No patients were observed or reported to experience any negative side effects or complications from taking Tengenix throughout the duration of the study.


Oral Tengenix is an effective well tolerated and natural treatment for debilitating small penis size and other resulting sexual performance conditions and issues. The cost of treatment ranging between to $30.00 and $40.00 United States dollars for 30 days of medication is inclusive and an effective treatment method for every deserving patient in this locality.

What are the ingredients?


45fL-Arginine is an amino acid. Your body needs amino acids in order to produce Nitric Oxide. Why is Nitric Oxide important? Nitric Oxide is the chemical agent in your body that signals to the brain to dilate the blood vessels. The blood vessels have to dilate in order to support increased blood flow and circulation. Penis tissue growth is facilitated by increased blood flow. The tissues in the penis expand when blood flow is increased. If blood flow is dramatically increased over an extended period of time permanent new tissue growth will occur to support the elevated blood flow.

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Tongkat Ali

45gTongkat Ali is a triple acting herbal ingredient. It serves to increase testosterone, blood flow and as a free calcium blocker. Why would a calcium blocker be important? Low levels of free calcium are the culprit responsible for causing men to go limp and flaccid or have difficulty getting an erection in the first place during sexual activity.

Tribulus Terrestris

45hTribulus Terrestris blocks the production of the receptor phosphodiesterase-5 that in turn reduces the production of cGMP. The enzyme cGMP is the compound primarily responsible for facilitating frequent hard erections. Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels and increases the frequency and firmness of erections

Muira Puama

45iMuira Puama is a powerful and potent herbal extract that increases blood flow, testosterone and libido levels. The triple acting properties in this ingredient increase the effectiveness of the other ingredients in Tengenix. Muira Puama adds the crucial boost needed to each of the other powerful ingredients to work together and produce the most dramatic growth possible in penis length and girth.

Do you want to add over 4 inches to your penis length and girth?

45eWe’d highly recommend taking Tengenix. Where else can you find a natural supplement that has been proven in multiple clinical studies to be safe and effective for adding over 4 inches to penis size? We’ve been testing every supplement and trick out there for the last 20 years looking for the best methods for increasing penis size and having a great sex life. That is the goal of every single review we do evaluating the latest penis enlargement method or product. Great sex equals a great life. Tengenix is the safest most guaranteed method out there for successfully adding inches to your penis and boosting your sexual performance and game.

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