The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts

by Jeff Cans
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If you’re always on the go, and you like to keep yourself updated on fitness and/or nutritional topics, Instagram is the social media platform to join.

Instagram has so many fitness accounts that you can follow, it’s almost impossible to choose which ones to base your fitness goals off of.

That’s okay. As always, I’m here to help you in that department. I’ve picked out the best fitness Instagram accounts, and I’m going to list them below, in addition to a brief summary of why I think they’re the best. The list will range from trainers to jocks, with celebrities in the mix, too. You’ll get a range of workout videos for your reference, along with suggestions of training plans that work and training plans that fail.

Plus, the motivation these accounts provide its’ followers with is incredible!

Okay, let’s get started on this fun journey of picking and choosing which ones to follow!

**Keep in mind, each account will have its own focus. Some will primarily be about cardio, whereas others will primarily be about strength and conditioning. **

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

There’s no surprise that Dwayne makes the list of Top Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow; He’s quite literally a fitness hero.

Dwayne "the rock" JohnsonHis workouts are not easy, at all. Actually, his workouts are quite aggressive and brutal. For example, who uses chains during workouts? Dwayne does!

On the bright side, Dwayne tries to inspire and motivate his viewers to achieve their fitness goals by trying their hardest. He encourages his followers to push themselves until they can’t push any further, so that their goals can be achieved quicker.

In addition, he loves to post workout videos for his fans to take a look at. The fans that can do what he does tend to use these videos as if Dwayne were their personal trainer. The results of these workouts are awesome. And, if you are unable to use the weights that Dwayne does, that’s okay. All you have to do is change the weight you’re lifting, and just keep following the video as he exemplifies.

If you need a kick in the ass, choose to follow “The Rock.”

Curtis Williams

Curtis likes to help his fans get the best out of their workout routines by making them try a little bit more than they usually would. He doesn’t push his followers as much as Dwayne does, but he definitely encourages them to kick their workouts up a notch.

If you didn’t already know who Curtis Williams is, that’s okay, I’ll tell you. He’s a former Baltimore Ravens player! And he is in great shape; Why wouldn’t you want to follow him on Instagram to get his workout tactics?

If you’re not convinced to add him yet, keep reading.

Curtis is now a great performance coach with his own training program on the market. More often than not, athletes will go to him for advice on fitness. His techniques include workouts that exhaust your energy levels, workouts that challenge you daily, and workouts that empower you in the end.

Lauren Fisher

Lauren is a CrossFit genius, and she works at her fitness goals each and every day. Her specialty is picking that barbell up, and boy will she give you motivation to do the same.

Lauren has competed in CrossFit six times already, and she loves to show her followers just how she achieves her personal fitness goals. In addition to broadcasting her training for her fans to see, she also posts videos of all the competitions she is involved in. Go check her out.

Men’s Health Magazine websiteMen’s Health Magazine

Believe it or not, this is a great outlet to go to when you’re looking for information regarding health, fitness, and nutrition. Weight loss topics are even included.

Even though this Instagram account isn’t a specific person, it will generally help you in your everyday fitness goals.

Ben Booker

Have you ever heard of Second Chance Fitness? You know, the 24 hour gym located in Illinois?

Well, if you haven’t, now you have. And Ben Booker just so happens to be the owner of it. So, generally, he has to make the Top Instagram Fitness Accounts. Not to mention that he’s ripped, and provides his followers with great pictures and videos to check out.

Don Saladino

The one and only Don Saladino is a great inspiration to all fitness junkies. Based in New York City, Don helps celebrities day in and day out to get them in great shape. Why does he do this? So that they can be in superhero movies, duh.

Don trained celebs like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and David Harbour. He’s totally worth it. Let him give you a helping hand in your fitness journey.

Emily Skye

Emily Skye is an awesome Australian trainer, everyone’s go-to woman in fitness, and she’s even a mom!

Emily provides her viewers with a positive attitude on fitness. Plus, her workouts leave you feeling happy and healthy. Go check them out!

Gideon Akande

Gideon is a former Golden Gloves champion. If you didn’t know that, well, now you do.

Gideon doesn’t just post hardcore exercises and workouts, he also posts fun fitness techniques to use in your daily routine. To add, his tactics are extremely effective, and they’ll get you in the best shape of your life.

Just do me and yourself a favor; Follow him on Instagram. He’ll be sure to change your life!

Hannah Eden

Hannah is a strong, independent fitness role model, to say the least. She runs her own personal training facility in Florida, known as PumpFit Club, and she gives her fitness routines all she can. Believe me when I say, all of her workouts will have you dripping with sweat, a great way to achieve all your phenomenal fitness goals. Give her a chance, today.  

Well, I hope you liked my advice to follow these awesome fitness role models. There’s more out there, too, these are just my favorites.

Check them out, follow who you’d like, and you’ll be on your way to achieving better fitness results in no time. Until next time!


By Jenny Lyn

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