The Best Time of Day to Work Out and Burn Excess Fat

by Peter Franks

Finding time to exercise is a challenge to men, especially those who are at the peak of their careers. Some might be able to squeeze in a few minutes after work, others do it on the weekends, and some men don’t. Men become too preoccupied with work and family life balance that they forget that their bodies also need proper exercise.


Read on if you are one of these men and want to make some changes to improve your health. This post will help you figure out the best time for exercise and burn those excess fats in your body.


Set Your Clocks Early


Science tells us that the best time of the day to have a sweat-session is mornings, as early as 6 a.m. The body’s hormonal composition during the mornings is ready for a faster metabolism. Aligning your circadian rhythm or body clock with the natural world gives that needed kick to metabolism. This factor is due to the elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol involved in metabolism.


If you are not used to this morning set-up, try to stick to a regular wake-up time to help them adjust the body’s internal clock. Following your morning schedule regularly will set your body clock in the long run.


Fueling Your Body Right


It is equally essential to fuel your body before a vigorous exercise. A healthy pre-workout meal stabilizes your blood sugar, energizes you for optimal performance, and increases your ability to burn fat. Note that it is also crucial to keep your body hydrated before, during, and after any physical activity.


Here’s a guide for a successful morning workout plan:


Before Workout:


  • Hydrate with lots of water.
  • Eat healthy and easy-to-digest carbohydrates like brown rice or cereals. You may also add fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, milk, or yogurt to your pre-workout meal.
  • Have a pre-planned exercise routine.

After Workout:


  • Hydrate with lots of water.
  • Eat foods rich in protein to help you recover from the intensity of the workout and grow your muscles.
  • Continue to keep your body hydrated with water during the entire day.


What works for others may not do the same for you. You may need to adjust the guide and learn to experiment with what may work best for you.

Here are some added tips if you decide to go for morning exercises:


Sleep well. Get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to condition your body.

Prepare your breakfast in advance. Make a healthy and energizing breakfast during the night to save more time in the morning.

Plan your exercise routines. This plan will aid in optimizing the time set for your scheduled exercise by making the flow of your activity continuous. Make sure to include exercises that you like most.


Advantages of Morning Workouts

man on workout

A morning workout is a great way to start your day right. Aside from keeping you more energized and motivated, there are a lot more benefits of exercising in the morning.


Improved Sleep Quality


Research shows that sweat sessions done in the morning optimizes your sleep quality than exercises done at any other time. Exercising in the morning also makes men sleep faster during the night.


Fewer Distractions and Better Focus


Waking up early in the morning presents men with fewer distractions such as appointments and communications to attend. Fewer responsibilities in the morning make men more committed to following a regular morning routine.

Morning exercises also do improve your focus, mental clarity, and decision-making that will lead you to a productive day ahead.


Increased Testosterone Levels


Testosterone levels are high in the morning and declines throughout the day. Having an intense morning workout may increase the level of testosterone throughout the day. Testosterone may also aid in fat loss, muscle building, and faster metabolism. If you want to optimize these benefits, you may also include health supplements such as Male Ultracore.


Regulated Appetite


It is also good to do your workouts in the early mornings if you are into a weight loss program. Studies show that having a good workout session in the morning will help lessen your appetite the whole day. Exercise reduces the hunger hormone while increasing that feeling of fullness and controls how the brain responds to food cues.


Blood Pressure Management


Morning exercise may provide the ideal blood pressure reduction as physical activity naturally controls high blood pressure.


What About Afternoon and Evening Workouts?


If you are not a morning person, you may try to adjust your schedule gradually. But don’t discount the benefits that an afternoon or evening workout may do for your body.


Men have their differences and having the right time for a workout depends on a lot of factors. These factors include:


  • Preferences
  • Lifestyle
  • Body type


Perks of Afternoon or Evening Workouts

The Best Time of Day to Work Out and Burn Excess Fat 

Higher Body Temperature. Having a high body temperature peaks at around 4 p.m. and is ideal for exercise because your body is already warmed up.


Increase Muscle Strength and Flexibility. The body is more powerful and flexible in the afternoon compared to the morning.


Exercise regardless of any time of the day is still good exercise. There is nothing wrong with hitting the gyms at a later time of day. Just make sure to avoid intense exercise before bedtime to avoid disrupted sleep. What matters most, in the end, is for you to be able to do your work out sessions consistently.


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