The Hidden Secret to Pain Management: The Usage of Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Jeff Cans

Modern medicine revolves around taking pills to deal with just about any health complaints. You feel pain after a workout – rest and take a pill, and you have some health condition – here’s a prescription for pills, you know how it works. Back in time people were healthier even when there were no doctors and pills around. What’s their secret? Nature! They used herbs that Mother Nature offers to alleviate pain, address some health problems, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Traditional medicine of many cultures revolved around herbs and plants, but Chinese was the most prominent. One can easily manage and alleviate pain with natural products that traditional Chinese medicine provides.

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become a common term today, and we constantly hear stories or read about new ways to improve our lifestyle with products that are based on the practices from ancient China. However, how much do you really know about traditional Chinese medicine? Most of us don’t know enough, but before we can start discussing its potential to alleviate pain, it’s important to learn a thing or two about this medicine type.

The term TCM refers to a wide array of practices that share common concepts which have been either originated or developed in China. These practices involve different forms of acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, physical exercise, and moxibustion all of which date to the birth of Chinese civilization.

The Hidden Secret to Pain Management: The Usage of Traditional Chinese MedicineYou’ve probably heard on many occasions that the TCM is preventative medicine. Medical practitioners in ancient China were paid to keep people healthy because it was believed that the prevention and maintenance of health were crucial to a person’s wellbeing. Doctors received a regular fee to do their job and maintain people’s health unless they got sick. Then, medical practitioners wouldn’t get paid until that person feels better.

Other important things you need to about the TCM is that it “produced” the very first medical textbook and paved the way for the development of Western medicine practices. In fact, various medical practices in the modern world are rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

Benefits of traditional Chinese medicine are numerous, including:

  • Supports health and wellbeing
  • It’s natural
  • Fits into a holistic lifestyle
  • Allows you to be healthy without jeopardizing your health

Traditional Chinese medicine and pain management

Pain is a physical response to injury or disease, and it can be either acute or chronic. All of us experience pain at one point or another due to a number of causes. Sometimes pain is mild while in other instances it is moderate or severe. Traditional Chinese medicine has been effective in managing pain for centuries. These aren’t some silly claims, but scientifically proven facts. Sure, science is still catching up, but current evidence confirms the importance of TCM in pain management.

For example, a study from the Journal of Pain investigated the efficacy of TCM in the treatment of chronic pain associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Findings revealed that TCM provided significant pain relief and improved quality of life of subjects. A large review of studies on the importance of TCM in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee, published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, found that herbal medicines have the ability to alleviate pain and inflammation in patients.

So, why is TCM the hidden secret to pain management? How does it work? Besides acupuncture and all that traditional Chinese medicine relies on the power of plants and herbs. Chinese pharmacopeia contains thousands of herbs and formulas for treatment of different ailments, including pain. Scholars, physicians, medical practitioners, and scientists spent centuries detailing each plant and its uses and benefits.

The Hidden Secret to Pain Management: The Usage of Traditional Chinese MedicineThe right formula has a tremendous potential to decrease the intensity of pain by blocking pain signals, helping you relax, and other mechanisms depending on the herbs that are used and formula of the product. Therefore, the best way to experience pain-relieving effects is to purchase a high-quality product. Many brands don’t use the plants themselves, only their extracts which aren’t as potent and the formula isn’t pure anymore.

For example, the therapeutic actions of the traditional Chinese medicine products are numerous including activation of Qi, powerful blood-moving action, toxin removal, and many others. One can use these products even when bruises or contusions and joint pain are involved. Active men and women often need to put their training regimen on hold due to injuries and pain that only aggravates when left unresolved. With Bruise Juice the treatment of pain coming from these injuries becomes easier, recover faster, and you’re up on your feet exercising before you know it. Also, regular use of these products promotes optimal blood circulation, supports bone strengthening process, and it moves energy to your hands. They are ideal for martial artists who are not only seeking natural support to their training routine but an effective pain relief method for their frequent pains and aches.


Traditional Chinese medicine revolves around a natural approach toward a healthy lifestyle. A growing body of evidence confirms that TCM has the potential to alleviate pain, even chronic, that occurs due to a number of reasons. Your success in the treatment of pain with TCM depends on the quality of the products you use.

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