The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

by Peter Franks
UltraCore Power Testosterone Booster Supplements Pills


Quite frankly, men are biologically programmed to experience a gradual decline in their testosterone levels as they age.

By age 30, the body starts this slow yet sure decline of testosterone production to the tune of at least 1% a year.

And the symptoms are very real.

Here’s my question to you men who are reading this right now.

Must you live with it?

 Must you accept living a poor quality of life because of something you have no control over?

I’m here to tell you that the answer is a big, fat NO.

There are treatment options you can avail in order to stem the decline of testosterone deficiency that makes you feel old – and a mere shell of what you used to be at the very apex of your prime.

And, if you’ve been diagnosed with low T, or have, at any time done your research about its effects on your physical and sexual health, or, are presently suffering from either, then you will have known how popular testosterone boosters have become over the last decade or so with adult men over the age of 40.

One of the promising options men that who suffer from low testosterone can take is UltraCore Power. It’s generated a lot of buzz ever since its release and is certainly making waves.

low testosterone level blood test result

Well, I’m here to explain to you what is behind its rise to popularity – and why it’s making a lot of entries in top-rated products for low T this.

We’ll discuss whether the hype is justified, and whether you should spend your hard-earned money on this product – and if it is at all worth the price of admission, so to speak.

Before anything else, let’s discuss the singular hormone that is responsible for your masculine characteristics: testosterone.

We all know how important a role testosterone plays when it comes to developing your physical and sexual characteristics, such as muscle mass, hair growth, penile and testicular development, sex drive, metabolism, bone density, and strength, among other things.

That’s precisely the reason why a drop in your testosterone levels will negatively impact all of those things – and more.

I’m turning 50 next year. I have worked as a personal trainer in Upstate New York for the last 20 years, and I’ve seen the effects that aging and low testosterone both create in men whom I’ve worked with for years as clients.

Even myself. It’s a real struggle to build and maintain muscle and fitness when your testosterone is low, because you lack the energy to lift.

Your quality of life will change, and you won’t feel the interest nor have the physical capability to do the things you used to do at will.

It’s exactly for these reasons why products like UltraCore Power remain popular, because they offer a way in which men may regain that energy and that drive to remain in better shape, to derive pleasure in life regardless of their age, and to live a fuller, more productive life, even in their twilight years.

Male UltraCore Amazon Rating: 4.4 · 301 reviews

 Now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s go on a deep dive with UltraCore Power.

And before anything else, you’ll want to know what this supplement “system” is all about…and what’s in it. Let’s start off with what UltraCore Power is, and what’s inside it that makes it what its manufacturers say it is – a total solution to testosterone deficiency.

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What is UltraCore Power, anyway?

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

In a nutshell, UltraCore Power is so much more than your run-of-the-mill testosterone booster – it’s more than just a pill or some pills that you pop as a dietary supplement.

 Apart from combining the power of 3 natural testosterone support supplements, UltraCore Power includes a HIIT workout, a personalized nutrition plan, and a FREE month’s supply of any of their 12 supplements they offer at UltraCore Supplements. Apart from that, purchasing UltraCore Power gives customers an automatic enrollment into Club UltraCore, giving members a loyalty pricing discount.

That’s quite a LOT of value on offer from UltraCore Power – in my decades of experience working in the fitness and health industry, I haven’t seen a supplement as complete as UltraCore Power as of this writing.

Here are the components of UltraCore Power, in depth:

  • The UltraCore Power Trifecta – Three testosterone boosters that work in synergy to increase T levels, including: 1) Male UltraCore (the testosterone-boosting product that put UltraCore Supplements in the map, released about a couple years ago), 2) Ultra Prime, and 3) Ultra Edge, which are intended to boost absorption of the testosterone-boosting ingredients of the trifecta,
  • XR30, a 30-minute high-intensity interval training program you can do anywhere, which may aid in further absorption and definitely boost your fitness, including a fully-personalized meal plan that is adjusted to your fitness goals;

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

  • A choice of any one of the 12 UltraCore Supplements, a one month’s supply of any supplement for free which you can choose depending on your desired health goals;

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

  • And last, but not the least, its special loyalty discount pricing, giving its customers progressively larger discounts, as much as 50%, for staying on UltraCore Power every month after the first.

It is, as their manufacturers say, a “complete male performance system” from start to finish, integrating testosterone boosters with advanced HIIT, and essential supplements for your health goals.

I won’t argue with that – the entire UltraCore Power package is really superior value for money.

It is a solution that brings out the best in its potent supplement formulation, which includes exercise, diet, and appropriate nutrition to deliver the results you desire.

It’s not just a pill you pop and hope for the best, but a comprehensive solution the likes of which I haven’t seen in all my years in the business.

So, we know that there’s plenty going for UltraCore Power, but the $1,000,000 question remains unanswered – does it work?

Before we go into that, let’s discuss the ingredients that comprise the UltraCore Power Trifecta.

Because it doesn’t matter if you get supposed value for money with all sorts of amazing products left and right – if your product isn’t up to the standards it needs to be in order to be an effective testosterone booster, then it’s pretty much worthless.

That said, what’s inside UltraCore Power?

12 Testosterone-Boosting Ingredients

The only thing that matters when it comes to testosterone supplements is the ingredients that go into the product.

Poor-quality ingredients make for a poor-quality product.

Most of the products that claim to be the market leaders in the testosterone supplement game contain only as much as 6 ingredients to 8 ingredients at the very most – if they tell you what’s in it at all.

Many supplements are content to keep their ingredients under a veil of secrecy in the form of “proprietary blends” and “special formulas”.

UltraCore Power doesn’t – in fact, one of its interesting marketing techniques is to compare its label against the rest of the competition, which I did with aplomb. UltraCore Power contains 12 ingredients that promote the healthy production and maintenance of testosterone levels, which are all displayed transparently on its label, packaging, and website.

That’s a great way to establish trust from the get-go – by being fully transparent with what’s in their product.

Check their labels below:

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review
The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review
The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

The total UltraCore Power mg per serving is 5,525 mg of scientifically-validated ingredients which boast to have the highest standardized extracts ever found in a supplement, tested for potency at the most stringent standards.

Here are some more details as to what ingredients are in the UltraCore Power Trifecta.

  • Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia).
  • KSM66® (Standardized Ashwagandha).
  • Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-gracum).
  • ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6).
  • Tribulus Terrestris.
  • Shilajit Extract.
  • Panax Ginseng.
  • Rhodiola Rosea.
  • Mushroom extract.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum.
  • L-Arginine.
  • Bioperine™.

The amount of testosterone building ingredients blow the rest of the competition out of the water, at least by its sheer amount. Furthermore, per their manufacturers, each ingredient is painstakingly sourced and extracted for maximum potency – you know exactly what you’re getting, as opposed to supplements that obfuscate the origins of their ingredients.

UltraCore Power harnesses the power of these ingredients to create the bedrock from which the technologies present in the trifecta, which are as follows:

UltraCore Power is powered by four key patented testosterone-boosting technologies, which are as follows – this information is taken directly from the UltraCore Power website.

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

STEM Technology

(Sustained T Enhancement Method)

STEM is a progressive T-boosting method that gives Male UltraCore, the rock on which UltraCore Power is built, a potent mix of T boosters and enzyme inhibitors that promote healthy testosterone buildup.

VI-PEX Technology

(Vasodilator Ingredients for Precise Expansion)

VI-PEX is an advanced blood flow booster, packed with a combination of nitric oxide boosters and enzyme inhibitors.

InstaTest Complex

InstaTest Complex utilizes bioavailability and absorption boosters to enhance T production.

SynerTech Formula

SynerTech Formula utilizes the power of supplement synergy, which activates all key T-boosting components to deliver great results.

Up to this point, I can’t say anything about how UltraCore Power as a product is so well-thought of and conceptualized. It’s fully transparent, it looks after the customer experience with utmost care, and they do know what they are talking about.

But marketing, pricing, and product conceptualization is just one thing – again, it means diddly squat if the formula doesn’t translate into results.

And that’s just what we’re about to discuss.

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Does UltraCore Power Stand Up To My Scrutiny? The Results

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

I was first turned on to UltraCore Power by a client of mine who introduced me to the product during the course of our personal training sessions.

This was a man who was a former pro athlete – an ex-pro basketball player who spent most of his career in parts of Europe and Southeast Asia, who retired about 5 years ago due to recurrent injuries at the age of 34.

He told me of his struggles after his playing days, and particularly when he started getting more frequently injured after his peak at age 29. No surprises there – that happens to all men, even to guys like Kobe Bryant. No one is exempted from that.

And hey, I could see the difference ever since I started working with him 3 years ago. He went from being winded after just 30 minutes of cardio – like, exhausted – and had little energy to lift and do compound workouts, even just for functional fitness goals.

I take my personal training seriously – and I make it a point to be actively involved in my clients’ lives. This client of mine told a few months ago that he would go on a testosterone-booster – UltraCore Power – to see if it would change things for him.

Fast forward to three months later, he is doing more weight and more cardio than I ever saw him do in 3 years – and he looks as though he’s getting better and better, and more confident in himself. He’s back to playing rec leagues, and he hasn’t been in better shape since.

That’s what led me to try UltraCore Power for myself – as a personal challenge – and did it as the recommended dosage goes.

I also did the XR30 program, which went better than I thought it would be, to be perfectly honest – it didn’t hurt that Breann Mitchell and Ian Lauer were the ones who ran through the whole 30-day program which I did from the house.

The nutrition plan was, for my money, high quality, and trust me, I know a good meal plan when I see one. I gave it a real go for a month, and I could definitely notice more pep in my step in the gym, office, and bedroom (sorry, just had to say it), and that’s just 30 days in.

Every man’s mileage with supplements will vary due to factors such as age, health, fitness, and genetics, so I cannot honestly give you a concrete timeframe as to when you will see results – quite frankly no supplement can give you a black-and-white guarantee as to when you’ll see results, and you should be wary of any supplement that does.

What I can say is that from my experience, I saw results a couple weeks into my supplementation and exercise as well as diet, and that foggy, sludgy lethargy that plagues so many men my age is lifted, and I can definitely go longer and harder than I have when it comes to exercise, cardio, having sex, and engaging in sports.

That’s just one month. As supplements tend to intensify their results the longer you stay on them, provided that your health and your doctor allows you to, I’m excited to continue UltraCore Power for another 90 days to see how far it can take me.

Quite frankly, I’m extremely impressed at how well-thought out UltraCore Power was structured to be taken. It’s as complete as a solution as you’ll find in the market today.

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The Price

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

You’d probably expect a system as comprehensive as UltraCore Power to cost you several hundreds of dollars, and you wouldn’t be wrong to assume so, given what you’ll get from it.

Thing is, UltraCore Power starts at $139.95. Talk about value for money.

That’s not to mention the fact that the price of UltraCore Power gets lower the longer you stay on it. Quite frankly, with that value for money, why wouldn’t every man suffering from low T NOT stay on it or even try it, considering it’s literally risk free?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is exclusively available on its official website at I’ll do you a solid right now and recommend that you buy it ONLY via the website. This way, you’ll get every single benefit of Club UltraCore, and help you get more and more offers that you’ll never get elsewhere. Plus, you’ll be sure that the product you’re getting is the real deal, as opposed to those from other online marketplaces.

Is UltraCore Power safe for daily, long-term consumption?

UltraCore Power was actually designed for that purpose. All of its ingredients are natural and guaranteed to have been extracted at the most stringent standards possible, with the utmost regard for quality, and nowhere is this more evident than the fact that all of its relevant literature is easily accessible on the website, unlike other sketchy supplements whose ingredients are always a mystery box. At worst, other unscrupulous operators willfully obfuscate or misrepresent their product’s ingredients as well as their dosage instructions to mislead their customers. UltraCore Power, on the other hand, is quite possibly the most transparent testosterone supplement I’ve ever seen based on my many years of experience dealing with supplements.

As always, I would exhort you to consult with your doctor prior to going on ANY supplement, especially if you have preexisting or current medical conditions. This will ensure that your journey towards becoming the best man you can be will not encounter any dangerous hitches.

Could UltraCore Power Possibly Be A Scam?

I take my research seriously – and let me tell you something. After close to two decades in the supplement industry both as a customer and a consultant, I know to spot a red flag when I see one. UltraCore Power ticks all my boxes when it comes to being a legitimate, honest-to-goodness product that doesn’t employ smoke and mirrors to sucker their customers in. Scammy products, on the other hand, can be smelled from a mile away just by doing your diligent research.

I’ve literally never seen a company so dedicated to providing a superior customer experience from start to finish than the manufacturers of UltraCore Power do – you’ll see this in their product offerings, the way they present their product, and the customer service you won’t get anywhere else, even for the so-called “leading produc

How Long Before I Experience Results from UltraCore Power?

There literally isn’t any supplement that can truthfully guarantee a timeframe set in stone wherein a person taking it will experience results. Any supplement that does so is lying. Thing is, results are always determined by physical, genetic, and environmental factors such as your age, diet, fitness levels, stress levels, etcetera.

3 months is the benchmark I would suggest based on my extensive experience with supplements in general – it could come within a few days, a few weeks, or a few months depending on the person, but the fullest expression of results for a product should come around the 90-day mark.

Can I Take UltraCore Power While I’m On My Medication?

For the average adult male in reasonably good health, UltraCore Power is safe to use.

However, as the manufacturers have made so abundantly clear, it is best to consult with your doctor if you are taking any sort of medication or if you are dealing with medical conditions that require any sort of maintenance or medical procedures. This will determine whether it is safe for you to take Male UltraCore on a continued, long-term basis. Your doctor will be the best judge of whether you can take UltraCore Power without any contraindications.

Does UltraCore Power Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes – a bulletproof 90-day moneyback guarantee with no strings attached. That’s literally unheard of in the supplement industry – UltraCore Power is one of a handful of supplements in recent memory that actually offered this much of a risk-free guarantee. I personally know of no other supplement that still does this.

The Final Verdict

The Next Generation of Testosterone Boosters? UltraCore Power Product Review

All men face an uphill battle against aging and low testosterone, and I hope I’ve made that abundantly clear.

You’re getting older every second, and that’s a second you’ll lose to aging that you won’t get back.

I want to let you know that you have options, and quite possibly the best one I’ve come across in UltraCore Power.

If the quality of your life is declining due to advancing age, or low testosterone, you couldn’t do better than take UltraCore Power – in my humble opinion, it’s as good as a complete solution to testosterone deficiency gets.

UltraCore Power has redefined how supplementing testosterone deficiency is done, at least in a product that is mass-marketed – it combines the very integral components of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation into a threefold approach to solving testosterone woes and hormonal imbalances once and for all – the very same problems that plague adult men over 30.

UltraCore Power breaks free from the long-held conventional thought that supplements are meant to be taken and forgotten about, without making the necessary lifestyle changes to optimize absorption and results – and in doing so, it makes it so easy for the regular Joe to succeed in, what with its loyalty pricing, its HIIT training, and nutrition plan, all of which come with the UltraCore Power package.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see a company like UltraCore Supplements redefining what supplementation should be, and their focus on providing a world-class customer experience as well as customer service is something every supplement manufacturer worth its salt should strive to emulate – just my two cents.

Men, don’t despair that aging is starting to rear its ugly head on your quality of life. You have a clear-cut choice that’s literally risk-free as far as cost and effect are concerned – do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor about UltraCore Power.

In my estimation, it’s a holistic, advanced, and effective solution to testosterone deficiency in men – the most comprehensive one I’ve seen in my 2 decades of experience working in the health and fitness sector.

You don’t have to take my word for it – UltraCore Power is backed with a rock-solid 90-day money back guarantee. There’s no excuse for you, if you suffer from low T, in taking the UltraCore Power challenge. Try it for a month and experience the difference.

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About the Author

Peter B. is a former professional athlete who has suited up for basketball teams in the United States, Greece, and the Philippines for 8 years after graduating with a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. After his pro career, he went into personal training, where he has worked in for the past 20 years as a personal trainer and consultant to various sports teams in New York and Buffalo area. In his spare time, Peter B. contributes for fitness publications along the East Coast and over the Internet, contributing to several blogs about men’s health and fitness.

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