Top Foods that Increase Satiety

by Jeff Cans

With so many method options for losing weight such as weight loss supplements, calorie counter apps, vigorous diets, orchestrated diet plans like WeightWatchers and so many fitness and workout plans circling through advertisements, social media stores and flooding magazine and website articles, weight loss can seem like a daunting and challenging journey. These methodologies can become quite complicated to follow and even adhere to, causing you to feel discouraged in your weight loss journey. But fortunately, there are simpler ways of losing weight, by simply addressing the foods in your diet and the quantity of these foods in your diet.

The best way to shape your diet to enhance your weight loss journey and goals is to eat foods that supply your body with the vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain great health, foods at lar low in sugar and saturated fats, foods that boost your metabolism and increase satiety. Food that increases satiety help you to feel fuller for longer periods of time, directly decreasing how much and how frequently you eat.

Foods that are high in satiety include:


You may be wondering, what can a little egg possibly do to help me accomplish my weight loss goals? Even though they are small, eggs are packed with important nutrients that boost health and satisfy hunger. A research study published by the International Journal of Obesity explored how eating eggs for breakfast enhances weight loss. This research study was conducted amongst 152 participants who were divided and assigned a specific breakfast diet including eggs, an egg diet, bagel, and a bagel diet. The participants who followed an egg diet Top Foods that Increase Satietyreported a 61% decrease in their Body Mass Index and a 65% greater probability of weight loss in comparison to participants who followed a Bagel diet. This reveals that eating eggs promotes weight loss with participants also reporting a 34% reduction in belly fat.

So, as you plan your next breakfast meal, consider switching that bowl of sugary cereal or a plate of scrambled eggs.

Boiled Potatoes

You may think what to consider how you prepare your potatoes once you learn of how boiled potatoes can do in helping you achieve your weight loss goals and push you further in your weight loss journey. In a study published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers measured that the Satiety Index of 38 foods ranging from all food groups to evaluate which foods had the highest indexes. The researchers completed satiety ratings every 15 minutes after they have eaten, the participants over a period of 2 hours. The study reported that potatoes had the highest satiety index scores with a 51-percentage rate of satiety. This is seven times more than the lowest satiety scores which were received by croissants with a satiety percentage of 17%.

Eating potatoes provides your diet with a great source of carbohydrates while causing you to feel full for longer periods of time, thus inducing weight loss.


Need a healthy snack to beat the mid-day food cravings? Although popcorn is light and fluffy, this delicious snack is very filling and is easily accessible. The Nutrition Journal published a research study that compared low-fat popcorn and potato chips in regard to how full they make you feel after eating.  The study consisted of 35 participants between the ages of 20-50 who were divided into control groups. The research showed that the participants who were on the popcorn regime reported being less hungry after the snack and more satisfied. Additionally, participants who ate popcorn also reported a high energy compensation. A high energy compensation is associated with a decreased energy intake and promotes an energy balance. Therefore, in addition to increasing satiety that causes you to eat less, the decrease in energy expenditure also helps you to reduce your risks of obesity and by losing weight.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another great snack to sustain you during the mid-day hunger stretch.  In a study published by the Appetite journal, researchers looked into different snacks that contain protein and how they affect health. The research revealed that Greek yogurt reported an increase in satiety, reduced hunger and allowed participants to stay full for longer periods of time, thus creating an extension within when they would consume their next meal. Although this research was conducted among female participants, the reported finding is as a Top Foods that Increase Satietyresult of the high protein qualities of Greek yogurt, which contains 24 grams of protein.


Although it may not look very appetizing, oatmeal is a powerful food source. In a research study published by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition examined instant oatmeal in comparison to breakfast cereals in regard to how they affect satiety and energy intake.  The study was conducted as a randomized crossover a trial where 48 participants ate either oatmeal or breakfast cereal for breakfast in a random order at least a week apart.

The study reported that oatmeal has a high index of satiety and as a result participant reported a significant reduction in their hunger, desire to eat and ate less at lunch. The study also reported a significant reduction of energy intake as a result of the chemical composition of oatmeal, which is filled with glucose and fiber. Oatmeal’s high fiber content is known for its ability to absorb water, which causes you to feel full for longer periods of time.

These research studies show that these foods work to increase satiety which essentially promotes weight loss and the maintenance of healthy body weight. However, each study focused on a healthy preparation of these foods, especially with the boiled potatoes and the low-fat popcorn. This stresses that it is important as well not only to consider what foods you are eating and how they affect your health and diet, but how these foods are being prepared as well. in order to have the full effect of these foods, make sure that these foods are not drowning in sugar, salts, fats and not eaten in excess as well as you can reap negative consequences of these foods and hinder you’re their purpose.

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