Tribulus Terrestris Review: Is it Effective?

by Peter Franks

Tribulus Terrestris Summary

Tribulus terrestris is a plant which was used, and still is, in Ayurveda medicine. It is a traditional ingredient in the supplement industry to enhancemale health. It is said to improve energy and the libido. Tribulus terrestris is also said to promote cardiovascular and urogenital health.

This herb is marketed as adaptogen for the brain and muscle tissue which helps the body in coping with stress. It is also advertised as an androgen that promotes the presence of steroid hormones. This is probably the reason it is included in formulas aimed at increasing fertility.

Other segments in the supplement industry that often employ it are performance boosting; cardiovascular protecting; and renal supporting blends. The facts relating to these claims are stated below to shed a bit of light on the truth.

Tribulus Terrestris Origin and Aliases

Origin of Tribulus TerrestrisTribulus terrestris is classified an annual plant which is a member within the caltrop family. It has worldwide popularity, especially its adaptability to thrive in very dry climates that others cannot survive. The fruit is thought to be the most potent, and then the aerial parts, in the art of Ayurvedic pharmacology. This ancient practice employs it to promote reproductive health and tissue building mechanisms.

Many Asian cultures thought that it possessed powerful medicinal properties. They believed it was a diuretic agent that could correct renal related illnesses as well as promote bladder, kidney, and urinary tract health.

North America regards it as an invasive species that carries many common names including devil’s weed; puncture vine;tackweed; goat’s head; bindii; bullhead; burra gokharu; caltrop; small caltrops; cat’s head; devil’s eyelashes; and devil’s thorn.

Tribulus Terrestris Activity

Performance booster

Laboratory research has revealed that tribulus terrestris has the ability to promote nitrous oxide in the body. It is this action which most believe leads to its demonstration of enhancing testosterone and boosting athletic performance in some clinical studies.

It is the same role which empowers tribulus terrestris to improve testosterone levels and decreasing erectile dysfunction. It can support the function of cAMP which is accountable for signaling hormonal commands in cells. This can increase fat burning rates and intensify ATP, or energy, levels.

Scientific research shows that tribulus terrestris is very dosage and time dependent. In cycles, it will immediately start to increase testosterone production; directly influence the libido; and improve athletic performance. It is essential to understand that when the cycle ends, the results begin to decline.

Tribulus Terrestris Pros and Cons

Tribulus Terrestris Pros

There is a large body of scientific research that proves the efficacy of tribulus terrestris.

This plant is easily obtained and can be found for an affordable price.

There are few trials demonstrating adverse side effects of this plant.

Tribulus Terrestris Cons

This herb is said to necessitate more direct human scientific studies.

Supplementation with tribulus terrestris is extremely dependent upon dose and time.

It is not wise to exceed recommended quantities of this supplement for long periods of time.

Tribulus Terrestris Shop Tips

The company should be examined for its practices as well as its views on refunds.

Tribulus Terrestris Conclusion

Tribulus terrestris shows great potential as an effective treatment for male health conditions.

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