Vexxum Review – Decent Product, Good Price

by Peter Franks
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Vexxum Review

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pro Supps who created two products—Jekyll and Hyde—that made quite an impression on the workout crowd. Perhaps you have yet to hear of their other product, Vexxum, though.

Vexxum is formulated to be a fat-burner requiring only one pill per day. They say it will last an entire 24-hour period as a highly concentrated formula made to provide weight loss from every angle while taking advantage of the benefits of nootropics. Nootropics are known to add a feel-good quality to the overall experience of taking a supplement like this. Which means that as Vexxum enhances your mood you will also feel a boost in your metabolism as you burn fat while also experiencing a decrease in your overall appetite.   Lotus seed extract

Pro Supps has created Vexxum with three distinct caffeine types. There’s the typical Caffeine Anhydrous normally found in coffee. And then Caffeine Citrate is listed as an ingredient, which is often known to come on quicker than traditional caffeine. And lastly you will find Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate). This is milder caffeine known as a less invasive caffeine on your stomach. It’s rather difficult to estimate exact amounts of each caffeine since Vexxum is a proprietary blend. We do know, however, that the entire formula equals approximately 627mg and a total of 11 ingredients.

The comprehensive ingredient list is as follows: Lotus Seed Extract (antioxidant fat-burner), Theacrine (a stimulant), Hordenine HCL (helps promote adrenaline), Octopamine HCL (another fat-burner), Yohimbe Bark Extract (stimulant), Sulbutiamine (nootropic that aids in mood and focus improvement), and Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (milder form of Yohimbe).

They say that Vexxum should be taken once a day with food until you can handle taking it on an empty stomach. We do find it favorable that a bottle of Vexxum will last you a week or two over a month. That makes it quite affordable in comparison to other options. We will note, though, that there does seem to be an overload of stimulants in the formula that could very well lead to unwanted side effects. Also, the addition of Yohimbe is not always a good addition. Yohimbe is prohibited in some countries due to potentially dangerous side effects and is something we recommend taking with caution.

YohimbeIf you still want to try this out, you can find Vexxum online at retailers such as Amazon and the Pro Supps official website. Price is likely to depend on where you purchase it, but just to note, Amazon currently has it priced at a very low $25/bottle.

If you are looking for a working stimulant that will help burn fat and enhance your overall mood, we personally think there are better options that do not include Yohimbe. But Vexxum is still worth a shot if you can find it at a good price. We have yet to find anything too thrilling about this product, but it does seem to be a working and quality product at a decent price. Don’t forget to be cautious with Yohimbe though, otherwise you may end up with some horrible side effects. If that doesn’t concern you or you know you’ve had Yohimbe before without problems, go on and give it a shot, then be sure to let us know how it goes!

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