When Delayed Ejaculation Causes Relationship Problems

by Jeff Cans
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Instead of making sex more enjoyable, delayed ejaculation can make sex frustrating, painful, and totally unsatisfying. Technically speaking, retarded or delayed ejaculation is when you can’t climax even after being sexually stimulated for thirty minutes or more, causing distress to your or your partner.

Sure, it would be nice to last that long during sex. But when your partner is doing her best to make you climax and you still can’t, that can give rise to a lot of negative emotions that can ruin your relationship.

Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation may be caused by a variety of factors. For instance, antidepressants like SSRIs are known to cause this sexual adverse effect. In fact, for men who are suffering from premature ejaculation, SSRIs are often prescribed to help delay their orgasms.

The adverse effects of SSRIs on your orgasmic functions stem from the fact that serotonin exerts an inhibitory effect on your sexual response. That means serotonin sends signals to your reproductive system to dampen your sexual excitement. For many men taking SSRIs, this often results in not being able to achieve erections and orgasms.

Other medications that cause impaired or retarded ejaculation include certain diuretics, high blood pressure medications, anti-seizure medications, and antipsychotic drugs. Diuretics are used for helping your body get rid of excess water and salt in order to treat edema, glaucoma, and high blood pressure.

Thiazide, a class of diuretics, is typically prescribed for the treatment of congestive heart failure, edema, and hypertension. Unfortunately, thiazide and other thiazide-like medications have been reported to have adverse sexual effects like delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, affecting around 30% of those who are taking the medication.

There are also various psychological factors that are known to cause delayed ejaculation. These include poor body image, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and depression. Relationship problems such as poor communication may also cause retarded ejaculation.

Your Partner’s Distress

When Delayed Ejaculation Causes Relationship ProblemsIf retarded ejaculation distresses you because it makes you anxious or ashamed about your sexual performance, it can also cause your partner a lot of psychological distress. In fact, delayed ejaculation can cause stress in your relationship and lead to decreased intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Although delayed ejaculation is a condition that primarily affects the man, it can’t be helped that it would also affect the partner. There are many instances when the woman feels responsible for not being able to make her partner climax.

Your partner may end up wondering if she’s good enough, or she may ask what makes her lacking in bed. This can also affect her self-esteem and self-confidence. If this worsens, it can even result in sexual dysfunction caused by her psychological state, which will further make sex unsatisfying.

This is especially true if you can achieve orgasms without any problems while you’re masturbating by yourself. In this case, the problem is considered as situational delayed ejaculation. It means that you only have problems ejaculating during certain situations.

And if you can orgasm while masturbating to porn, but can’t ejaculate when you’re having vaginal sex with your partner, you can just imagine how that would make her feel. She will most likely feel as if she’s inadequate. And feelings of inadequacy can result in a variety of psychological problems such as insecurity, stress, and anxiety.

In fact, there are experts who believe that excessive porn watching and masturbation are factors that lead to delayed ejaculation during vaginal sex. When you watch porn excessively, it may cause you to become sexually aroused only when you’re watching porn.

The erotic scenarios portrayed in porn videos may seem ideal to you. But when your porn-induced sexual fantasies are too far from the realities of your sex life with your partner, you may not feel as sexually aroused as when you’re watching porn. Thus, no matter how much sexual stimulation your partner gives you, it doesn’t make you climax.

There are also times when instead of questioning herself, the woman will question her partner. She may start having suspicions about the man having an affair. She may think that you’re getting sexual satisfaction elsewhere that’s why you’re no longer satisfied with her. This can cause a strain on the relationship and can result in decreased intimacy.

When your partner is suspicious of you, it can also affect her trust in you. She may feel betrayed, angry, and resentful. These are emotions that can cause your relationship end. This is why experts always recommend that you and your partner talk it out if you’re having sexual problems like delayed ejaculation.

Of course, simply talking about it won’t necessarily mean that you’ll immediately be able to ejaculate without any problems. However, it can help prevent unnecessary and excessive negative emotions that could end up destroying your relationship. You may also be able to agree to on what you should do to try and resolve the problem.

Making Sex More Satisfying

When Delayed Ejaculation Causes Relationship ProblemsFor couples going through sexual problems like delayed ejaculation, consulting a therapist can be a big help. A sex therapist can help you gain a deeper understanding of your sexual problem and guide you towards a resolution.

There are many instances, though, when delayed ejaculation is caused by other factors like medications, medical conditions, and neurological problems. In cases like these, you may need more than just psychotherapy to help you deal with delayed ejaculation.

You may also try alternative medicine to help treat your sexual problem. For instance, there are many herbal remedies that are known to help with various sexual dysfunctions. If you’re also having problems with your libido, you may want to try natural treatments that can help increase your desire for sex.

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