Will Clarins Extra-Firming Advanced Neck Cream Make You Look Younger?

by Peter Franks

Clarins is a household name in European skincare and makeup. They claim to be on the cutting edge of all new technology using plant-derived solutions to work miracles sans the scapel. Users only expected the best when they dropped $88 on their Extra-firming Advanced Neck Cream… but what did they actually get. Let’s investigate the original product claims and ingredients and see how they hold up next to real user reviews. Will this product actually make you look younger and give you the neck you had back in high school?

General Product Info:

  • Botanical-based easily absorbed cream
  • Wrinkle eliminating
  • Gets rid of fine lines
  • Prevents aging
  • Lifts sagging neck skin
  • Good for chin to chest area

Immediate Red-Flags:

Here are some red-flags you may have already noticed                                       

  • no mention of hypoallergenic
  • no mention of non-synthetic or chemical free formula
  • no clinical testing

What’s inside:

Tightening organic oat sugars, filling “mallow” powder: smooth, enhance and diminish the look of wrinkles around the neck.

Green algae extract: restores a youthful plump and sculpted appearance.

Sunflower auxins: reduce wrinkles, firm, regenerate and tone the skin. ”

Intelligent” melting texture with a smoothing effect: leaves behind a very soft, matte finish as soon as it is applied that is reminiscent of the finest velvet.

Veteran Buyer Tip:

Buy this product on Amazon.com $60 flat rate if you have a Prime account. Buy an exfoliator with the extra money to make the product as effective as possible.

The Breakdown


  • absorbs super fast and leaves behind a really nice fragrance and feeling
  • protects against environmental impact like air pollution
  • in some cases has worked to hydrate and reduce signs of aging
  • if you don’t like it you can return it and get every penny back as long as it is within a 30 day period


  • pricey to buy
  • might not show the desired results
  • not a lot in the jar

If you want to prevent aging from taking its hold on your neck and chest, it is important to find a good product you feel comfortable buying time and time again. Clarins is a reliable brand, but can you afford to purchase a neck cream for $60-88 several times a year. In this case it might add up and make the surgery a more sustainable option without the hassle. Clarins uses unique and effective botanicals in this formula that are scientifically proven to work. User reviews on Amazon, Clarins, and Sephoras were mostly 4 and 5 stars reviews with 1 and 2 stars really far and few in between and all just complaining that they didn’t get the results they wanted as fast as they wanted. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Clarins is meant for long term use to get long term results.

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